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Minutes of the 59th Annual General meeting held at
Knole Park Golf Club, Sevenoaks on Friday 12th October 2018



  1.   Apologies were received from Nick Marchant, Nigel Sparrow, Michael Wisdom, Jim Laslett,
    Will Stevens, David Steed, Royston Smith, Nick Taylor, Beau Hart, Richard Firth, James Barden, Stephen Samuels, Robin Daniels, Tim Dodd, Bob Gray, Gordon Edington, Bob Couldrey,
    Paul Hayward, Christopher Cagney, Jeremy Smith, Patrick Robinson and Alan Ramsay.
  2.   In attendance: Bruce Gear, Neil Cossey, Charles Crawford, Paul Bailey, Kit Marriott, Andy Franklin and Richard Crawford.

3.    The 2017 minutes were approved by Charles Crawford and seconded by Paul Bailey.


4.    Captain’s Report: The Captain thanked all venues during 2018 for their hospitality, the officers of the society for their time, organisation and support over the year. The Captain thanked Neil Cossey for his work organizing and running our team for the Grafton Morrish qualification round at Knole Park. Unfortunately our Grafton Morrish team were unable to qualify for the finals this year, narrowly missing out by a single point.


5.    Secretary’s Report: The Secretary thanked the officers for their continued support during the year and confirmed that we continue, with support from the ODs to retain a healthy attendance at our meetings. For our Society we will continue to subsidise those venues where the cost is likely to deter attendance and the Old Dovorians have also agreed to subsidise golf for their members, so we anticipate good attendance for 2019.


6.    The term Auditor will no longer be used because the definition of the noun is misrepresentative of the work undertaken.  In future this term and position will be known as Examiner.


7.    Your Society will continue to financially incentivize new members by subsidizing the first Meeting they attend. We have a surplus of, circa 40 club ties, which we will present to all new members as a welcoming gift.


8.    For all members under the age of 30, the Society will subsidise the cost of each Meeting they attend.  Financial subsidies stated in points 8 and 9 will be under the discretion and agreement of the Society’s Treasurer and two elected officers.


9.    For all Meetings, your Society has agreed to keep the cost below £100, this will ensure that we are able to maintain a Fixture Card of Meetings at the best venues, without deterring our members on price.


10.  With regard to the Fixture List we agreed to change the venue for our end of summer Invitational Meeting, which will be played at Huntercombe, Berkshire. This is because one of our members,
Kit Marriott, will be Club Captain at Huntercombe during 2019.


11. Captain’s Day – it was agreed that Captain’s Day 2019 will again be held at Liphook, Surrey.


12. 2019 Fixtures:

       Friday 15th March – Captain’s Day at Liphook
Thursday 25th April – Spring Meeting at Princes
Thursday 9th May – Triangular Match at Royal Ashdown
Saturday 11th May – Grafton Morrish Qualification at Knole Park
Friday 8th June – Summer Meeting at North Foreland
Thursday 11th July – Old Dovorians Invitational at Tandridge
Friday 12th July – Old Paulines Match at Walton Heath
Thursday 12th September – Invitational at Huntercombe
Friday 4th – Sunday 6th October – Grafton Morrish Finals at Brancaster and Hunstanton
Friday 4th October – Autumn Meeting at Knole Park


13.  All but one of the trophies have been retrieved and handed out to their respective 2018 winners. The Society has agreed to cover the cost of engraving on presentation of receipt.


14. Examiner and Treasurer’s Reports: Mike Wisdom and Paul Bailey reported that during the financial year to the end of September 2017 your Society’s audited accounts show that we made a surplus of £246. This is mainly due to a lack of qualifying for Grafton Morrish finals. The finances are well balanced and we are still showing a healthy surplus in excess of £3,000.  This will ensure our immediate financial requirements will be honoured and we have funds to help subsidise more expensive meetings and extra curricular activity such as incentivised recruitment of new members through the network of OLs. A show of thanks was made to Paul Bailey and Mike Wisdom for their help as Treasurer and Examiner.


15. Election of Officers


       The following names were elected:


       President: Bob Gray
Captain: Charles Crawford; proposed by Kit Marriott, seconded by Neil Cossey

       Secretary: Bruce Gear; proposed by Kit Marriott, seconded by Neil Cossey

       Treasurer: Paul Bailey; proposed by Kit Marriott, seconded by Neil Cossey

       Examiner: Mike Wisdom; proposed by Kit Marriott, seconded by Neil Cossey


16. Founders Trophy: This was awarded to Charles Crawford and Bruce Gear for their contribution at the Grafton Morrish qualifier.


17. Other Matters:  Bruce Gear and Paul Bailey announced that they will be asking members of the Society if a new Secretary and Treasurer can be elected for 2020.


18.  It was agreed that the position of the Old Lawrentian Golf Society’s Captain, will be held for a period of no longer than 3 years.


19.  On behalf of your Society, the Officers thanked Bob Gray for his continued support of the Grafton Morrish, which has spanned 50 years on and off the field of play.  The Officers would also like to thank Bob and Harriet Gray for arranging the match at Walton Heath against the Old Paulines and their kind and warm hospitality, hosting all players of this match at their home for the past 30 years.


20.  Unofficial Society handicaps will carry over into 2019, cutting winners of each Meeting by 2 shots every time they win, for the duration of the year’s Meetings. This will be overseen and recorded by the Secretary.


21.  Stephen Samuels would like our Society to record the possibility of honoring Chris Throndsen’s memory with a trophy.  We have discussed this previously and are working on the idea of a competition to be played between students at the school during the afternoon of our Summer meeting at North Foreland. 


22.  Richard Firth would like it recorded that any OLGS members visiting the East Coast of Scotland and would like to play at Panmure Golf Club as his guest, just up the road from Carnoustie, are very welcome to email him at: richard@firth.ch

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