OL reunion lunch - Mill on the Exe, Exeter

28 September 2019

How do you beat a great event like the South West alumni re-union?  The simple answer is that you can’t!


Eighteen OLs and guests got together for the third South West annual re-union in Exeter. Malcolm Jones OL organised the menu and the venue; The ‘Mill-on-the Exe’ pub provided the food and drink; and our newly appointed OL President, Nick Marchant (Tower 1978), represented the OL Committee and entertained all attendees. The OLs who joined us included Malcolm Jones (Lodge 1955), Mike Henry (Tower 1954), Ray Bowesman (Manor 1953), John Isaac (Tower 1954), Ian Collins (Grange 1964), Eric Holdaway (Courtenay 1967), David Jackson (Lodge 1958), Nick Carmichael (Tower 1978), Kenneth Wilson (Tower 1980) and John Collins (Tower/Courteenhall 1944). 


The event was full of laughter and good conversation which is pretty much what you would come to expect from an OL event! As you will see from the photos, the food was excellent and plentiful and the weather was very kind too. Next year’s re-union has already been booked for Saturday 26 September 2020, 12pm-3pm.  If you live or work in the area and would like to join us, please contact us at olsociety@slcuk.com. Do bring a friend too!



 Nick Marchant, Tower 1978 & OL President with Ray Bowesman Manor 1953


 Eric Holdaway, Courtenay 1967 & Kenneth Wilson Tower 1980

 Ian Collins, Grange 1964, Nick Carmichael Manor 1972 & Malcolm Jones Lodge 1955


 Nick Marchant, Ian Collins and Ray Bowesman



Nick Marchant, Ray Bowesman, Nick Carmichael, Malcolm Jones & David Jackson

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