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Alexander Underhill - Lodge 2010

14th March 1992 - 20th June 2017

Alex tragically died in a hiking accident in Dubai where he was living and working. The OL Society and College dedicated March 2018 Old Lawrentian Day to Alex’s memory and a Celebration of Life service for Alex was held in the Chapel. Peter Russell and Robin Bendall led the beautiful service and despite the horrendous weather conditions, many friends, family, OLs and staff made the journey to the school with a number of OLs reading uplifting tributes and a wonderful composition sung by Abi Cardwell and EJ Standeven.  The hockey and netball teams organised to play that afternoon consisted entirely of OLs from Alex and Robyn’s era.   

Alexander “Alex” Charles Underhill was born in Hong Kong on the 14 March 1992, a blond haired, blue eyed baby.  All the Chinese ladies would come up to him and touch him in the pram for good luck. When Robyn, his sister, was born, Alex doted over her, and from here on would look after her from near or afar.  From an early age he made friends with everyone. He was so laid back and casual about everything (including school work), and he had a knack for being a nice guy.  As Alex’s father, Patrick, was in the Army, the family moved around a lot and Alex fell behind in his school work.  It was decided that he would go to St Lawrence College Junior School in 2001 when he was 10 years old and he was to stay all the way through to Upper Sixth. His sister, Robyn, joined him at St Lawrence a few years after.  At SLC, Alex discovered sport and some fantastic values that would stay with him throughout his whole life.  He was very popular at school and continued to stay in touch with many of his friends. He would look after new starters at school and ensure that they were not alone. Alex threw himself into school life.  He would get involved in the inter-house school plays always playing a ‘funny’ character.  In one house play Alex was an Irish woman donning a pink wig, his mother’s pinafore and mimicking her Irish accent.  He completed his Gold, Silver and Bronze D of E after joining the Army section of the cadets, played hockey and cricket for the first IX, even receiving his Sports Colours.  The teachers and staff at SLC played a major and influential part in his life In 2010, Alex secured a place at Christ Church Canterbury, where he continued his love of all things sporting including playing hockey for the first and second IX, and partying for the whole of Canterbury!  Alex graduated in 2013 with a BSc (Hons) in Sports Science. Alex then went to work at Holland & Barrett in Whiteley and within a few short months was the stand-in manager at Shirley in Southampton.   The opportunity came up for a post in Dubai, and after several Skype interviews he landed the job and the following year he embarked on his new journey to live and work there. Alex loved Dubai and made many good friends. An Old Lawrentian (Jack Stanton) who was a few years above Alex in school, had heard that Alex was coming to Dubai and picked Alex up from the airport and from there on then they had a very close friendship.  Alex was a good manager at Holland and Barrett in the Dubai Mall and his co-workers looked up to him with fondness and respect due to his compassionate nature and his assistance in teaching them English. A gregarious and vivacious character, Alex never had a bad word to say about any one. He was always inclusive as a child, throughout school and to the ‘new comers’ in Dubai.  Alex was a very loyal and extremely lovable individual, and he had a strict set of rules that guided him regarding friends to which he always abided. Alex had a tattoo on his arm in Arabic which said ‘If the sky is the limit why are there footprints on the moon’ That is the way he lived and loved. For us the world will definitely be a lot duller and emptier without Alexander. Alex has left a massive void in our lives and in our hearts and we will miss him with every waking moment. He had a love for life and he always spoke fondly of SLC. I know in my heart that he would not want us all to grieve for too long, Alexander would rather we celebrate his life.

Robyn Underhill

Alex's Poem 

By Robyn Underhill


Big brother you have taught me things

That I would never know,

But you forgot to teach me one last thing,

How to let you go.


Our family was so perfect,

Why did you have to go?

It wasn't your intention, 

But our heartbreak you will never know.


I miss being your little sister

You always kept me safe

Someone I will always look up to

No matter the time, nor place.


Yes, we did fight when we were little

But we made up very quick.

The memories of us laughing,

Will always be the ones that stick.

You were compassionate, weird and funny too

Accolades that will always define you. 


Look after us dear Alex,

From your 'buff cotch' up above.

I hope they give you FIFA and 

angels shower you with love.


I miss you dearly with all of my heart,

and there you will ever be.

I know you're always by my side,

moving forward along with me.


Spread your wings, my brother, fly,

But for now I guess, this is my goodbye...



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