I was at the Junior school when this photo was taken, we used it as a folded Christmas card, the printing must have been class produced and the signature mine. I have blanked out the recipient ( my father), I think the year was about 1953 when I was 8, it is still propped on my office desk. I became a border in Autumn 1952 at the age of 7 and then almost immediately developed Henoch-Schonlein purpura an unusual blood disorder initially diagnosed as appendicitis ( which they removed just in case ) which put me in Ramsgate Hospital for the rest of term, coming home for Christmas, a little too early and as a result missing most of the next term. Some memories are vivid, like abseiling from an upstairs Dormitory using the " slow-release " fire escape rope and harness system . Colonel Verbe in his small room below the stairs, who is best remembered for History, Fly fishing and Golf. Fights in Simmonds Hall using a rolled-up small piece of paper and an elastic band between thumb and first finger as the "gun".

A master who got so frustrated with us that he threw a compass at a boy who lifted the desk lid into which it impaled, and survived, the Master did not!

Many " it hurts me more than it will hurt you" caning moments ( it did hurt) It did me no harm and spurred me on to lead a useful life 


Just a few memories.


David Steed

St Lawrence College Junior School


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