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Jack Stanley

Tower 1955

Q1.  I went to SLC in January 1951. My parents were divorced and I lived with my mother. My home life was a bit chaotic, to say the least.  I passed the 11+ and went to grammar school in Battersea. I stayed there for four terms and was allocated a social worker who lived nearby.  It was she who arranged for me to attend an interview at what was then L.C.C. HQ with Rev. R.Perfect, which changed the course of my life as it was agreed that I should go to SLC. I have always assumed that my fees and extras were met by LCC. I do not, however know this for a fact.

Q2.  My favourite subjects were English with Mr.Wheeler, French with Mr.Clifford and RS with M.M-Harvey, my House-master of Tower.

Q3.  My favourite teachers were those mentioned above, together with Mr.Smith the Art teacher.

Q4.  I had only played soccer at my grammar school, so hockey, rugby and swimming were all new to me, and these, in season, became my favourites. 

Q5.  I considered Trevor Cox, John Isaac and Mickie Ormerod to be my closest friends.

Q6. The things that I valued most about my time and education at SLC were the feelings of security  and safety that were there all the time.  I was not a particularly scholarly boy leaving with only 2 O Levels – English and English Lit., and instead put more of my efforts into sport. I had 8 or 9 subjects on my time-table, but come exams I was not very successful!

Q7.  The qualities and values that SLC taught me were honesty and Christian love for my fellows.That may sound a little pompous, but it is what it is! 

Q8.  I played rugby at 2nd XV level and hockey at 2nd XI level, and was awarded School colours for swimming. I got House colours for all three sports. Does that count?

Q9.  After I left I went into insurance for a few months before I signed up for a three-year stint in the RAF, which I served in Germany. I then went back into insurance for a year, before applying to a teacher-training college in Norwich where I followed a three-year course in English and Games.I obtained a post at The Hewett School in Norwich, teaching A Level and GCSE  and becoming responsible for CSE English.

Q10.  I still maintain contact with John Isaac and Brian Moore.

Q11.  I think that my friends would describe me as having a good sense of humour, being reliable , open-minded and tolerant.

Q12.  I would like to be remembered as a loving and devoted husband, father, grand-father and great-grandfather.



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