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Dr Kay Chan
Bellerby 1991


When did you go to St Lawrence College and why?
1989-1991. My parents had in fact planned to send me to boarding school in the UK after 3rd form but, due to some health issues I had, they decided not to let me go until after O levels.  SLC was recommended by a family friend who is an OL

Favourite subject(s)?


Favourite teacher(s)?
Dr Ellis Gill

Favourite sport(s) – if any?

Badminton.  I was in the school team.

Who were your closest friends?
Jutta Dresen, Jane Yeh, Angela Kwok in Lower 6th.
Jane Ballantine, Andrea Soo, Mae Wong, Neal Stanton, Howard Chin, Simon Clark and Steven Cole in Upper 6th.


What did you value most from your education (what mattered most about your education)?
The opportunity to develop my independence, social and organisational skills, and the chance to be make friends with people from a variety of cultures and ethnic backgrounds.


What qualities and values did St Lawrence teach you?
Dr Gill was the one person who inspired me to put in all my effort and helped me reach my potential, even though initially my goal was purely to prove him wrong! 
SLC taught me independence, open-mindedness and the importance of work/life balance.

What career(s) did you follow?
I left SLC for Medical School in London, worked as an NHS GP for 12 years and re-located back to Hong Kong in 2012.  I now work as a GP in Hong Kong in the private sector.

Are you still in touch with fellow Old Lawrentians?

Yes, with at least 58 OLs who are in our HK OL alumni group!

How would your friends describe you?
Someone who values friendship and keeps in touch no matter how far apart we are.

How would you like to be remembered?
The person who brought the OLs together in Hong Kong!

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