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Paul Kannemayer

Lodge 1981


1. I attended SLC from 1973 -1981


2. My favourite subject was everyone’s favourite, PE/sports, but also liked chemistry (although wasn’t any good at it!)


3. My favourite teachers: I don’t remember his name but he taught Maths and PE. Also Mr Crittenden, my Lodge house master, and Mr Holmes the swimming coach.


4. I swam for SLC but also liked rugby. I only made it into 2nd XV.  (Come on Springboks in RWC 2019 …..!)


5.My best mates were many but a few names of closest mates


Andy (AJ ) Billings

Dave (DJ) Joyce

Mathew (Ted) Tongue

Bill Ray

Paul (Moki) McClaughlin 

6. What I valued mostly from SLC:  Being well rounded and grounded, if that makes sense, and carving out close bonds with mates that you wouldn't get in a day school


7. The qualities gained from SLC: I found that these were not obvious and ‘in your face’ like some other private schools, but being able and confident to tackle any situation in life and work with relative ease was definitely an attribute of an SLC education.


8. I left SLC not really knowing what I wanted to do so I joined the Metropolitan Police. After six weeks I realised it wasn't for me and left. I then spent the next few years in health and fitness as a personal trainer in various gyms/health clubs in London. I had the fortune/misfortune (in some cases !!) to train many celebrities and notable personalities over the years.  I then re-joined the Metropolitan police and carved out a 22 year career which finished in the Counter Terrorism Armed Response Unit in London before transferring those skills to Australia when in 2008 the Western Australian Police began a recruitment drive in the UK. I then spent 8 years in the WA Police before semi-retiring in 2016.  I now have a small part time business maintaining swimming pools and gardens in Perth's northern suburbs. It’s a lifestyle job in the fresh air and sunshine!


9. Unfortunately I haven't kept in contact with any O/Ls, mainly because I am not on Facebook etc and also laziness on my part. However I would love to hear from some of them and how their lives have panned out.  I bet there are no pool boys or gardeners !!!!!!


10. What was I best remembered for ??? You better ask them !!! It was probably as the Michael Jackson afro kid who took nothing seriously.


11. Moving on 40 years .. The Michael Jackson look has long gone and I now look more like Jason Statham (well in my mirror anyway)


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