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Sebastian Herwin

Courtenay 1975

I was in Courtney House for three years after passing the common Entrance Exam from Grenham House in Birchington.  English was my favourite subject and Mr Summers was popular with me basically because he used my Christian name which I thought was different.  I also liked Mr Sanderson who was my Biology teacher.  My housemaster, Mr Shaw caned me on a regular basis so he was probably my least favourite! Two punishments were cold baths and standing on a bucket or stool in the centre of the quad....all a bit strange looking back but no harm done. The one thing I learnt from school and being a boarder was independence, being fine with my own company and keeping busy. I was gated a lot which meant staying at school in the grounds and finding a Prefect to sign a chit every few hours - six weeks was my record! 


I was good at most sports which included shooting and I also played second row in rugby and defence at hockey. I will probably be remembered for being a bit of a rebel i.e. long hair, flares and staring out the window – I was so considered in those days 😄 - but I am thankful for my voice and character that the school gives.  It has opened a few doors and no doubt closed a few too.


My good friends were Ash Oulton, Ju Mears, Andy Morgan, Ju Poulton, Sean Crawford (from Tower house), Andy Hutton and Steve Fayers.  There were lots more but memory fades.


As for a career, I had many ideas and followed most of them which mainly involved travel.  I have lived in many parts of the world including America, the Turk islands, New Zealand and Australia. I now reside in Thailand where I have finally settled down and indeed teach English. My favourite poem is “ If”, I am a follower of Chelsea FC and am a proud new father. I believe that the greatest gift you can give is love and laughter. 


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