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Timothy Dodd

Tower 1973-1980

When did you go to St Lawrence College and why?
I went initially to Cameron House whose housemaster was Tom Lilley in 1973, SLC was the choice of my father who was also at the School (David Hugh Dodd – I think he left around 1952)

Favourite subject(s)? Cricket, Rugby & Hockey 😊

Favourite teacher(s)? Chris Throndsen who was also a contemporary of my father at SLC 

Favourite sport(s) – if any? Cricket, Rugby, Hockey, Tennis, Squash, Fencing, golf………..any and all

Who were your closest friends? Stephen Billings, Paul Bailey, Johny Marchant, Paul Price.

What did you value most from your education (what mattered most about your education eg academic or sporting achievements)?  Both really but more the sporting side

What qualities and values did St Lawrence teach you? In all seriousness the school did a magnificent job in instilling decency, respect and consideration for ones fellows – importantly wherever they were from, the school was way ahead of its time and as a boarder I had the privilege of growing up in a truly cosmopolitan community.

Did you receive any School recognition or colours? Colours in Rugby, Cricket.

What career(s) did you follow? I work in the Private Healthcare Sector (Non Clinical) and am the Managing Director of Inchora Health.

Are you still in touch with fellow Old Lawrentians? Yes as a regular player in the OL Golf Society I see many OL’s frequently.

How would your friends describe you? Not a clue! Not too harshly I would hope.

How would you like to be remembered? As having never given up.

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